Clerics Get No Love! - Meet the Cast

Meet the Characters!

The basic characters are built on age-old D&D party logic. We have Cleric, Fighter, Thief, and Wizard. Cleric gets no respect. Fighter is brash and arrogant; probably hates Cleric the most. Thief does all the things Cleric hates, but gets healed anyway. Wizard... Not realy sure what wizards do anymore ;-)

There are a few recurring characters from the start. The ones that are not a problem from the party are the Emo Cleric who gets very emotional. Note his swanky Hot Topic holy symbol. He worships the Raven Queen, but whether that is based on devotion or style is up for questioning. The Dragonborn and Drow are our Greek Chorus, if you will. The will often comment on the story from the sidelines. Both are far more cute and cudly than their respective races might imply, though as with all drow, you have to wonder about him.

Of course, there has to be a baddie, and in this case it is Buxom Brunhild, NPC Paladin of Asmodeus. She is "unaligned" but we all know how much leeway there is with that. She hates Cleric and has tried to get him to sell his soul to Asmodeus in exchange for a +3 mace. Fortunately, Cleric dispatched her for good. Or did he?

The other party that gets some play is Emo Cleric's group. They are all a bit emo or goth. Drow Rogue is a 'rogue' rather than 'thief' since Drow PCs are new. He despises Emo Cleric, and is more what I consider a Drow to be, namely arrogant. Tiefling is the party leader, and tries to keep things going well despite her disdain for the other party members. Being Infernal, she is more what used to be Lawful Evil. Dwarf is a grumpy dwarf.

Of course, none of this would be possible without a DM. I mean, this is not real life, it is D&D. Our DM is a faceless ghoul that lurks behind a mystical veil of death. An abberant of the first order, he plots to destroy the party at every turn. Well, not really. We don't kid DMs too much here, since mine checks out this comic ;-)